Two Value Training….
To value training, coaching and mentorship as they should be valued….is to know that truly great learning experiences always have both a skill (the vehicle) and an area of application (the load) fully embedded within the offered program.
In technical areas the vehicle and the load may be the same, but this is only valuable in technical areas. In all other areas it is not good practice to settle for the vehicle alone when one may have both vehicle and load for the same price., of course, always delivers both. 

For instance, in one of our showcase programs – Presenting Excellence – we ensure all practice presentations are focused on the current real needs of our clients/participants. Thus the time/cost investment maximises the learning/practice of presentation skills as well as ensuring the purpose and vision for which the program is required are also learnt and honed. 

Where individuals attend for their own investment – whether for work or for life (or both), we encourage participants to work on their own visions and progression ensuring this special focus leads to clarity, decision and confidence.
As with our ‘Presenting Excellence’ program, so too with ‘Beyond Teams’, ‘Championing Champions’, ‘The Leadership Crucible’, ‘Empathy Selling’ and ‘Project Brilliance’, in addition to learning and practicing the most up-to-date special skills, our trainers, coaches, mentors and presenters will strongly support the double-value ROI especially offered through 

So, get the most from your investment. Talk to about where you want (yourself and your people) to get to through your learning experience. Interestingly, we are happy to certificate both if sufficient progress has been made, too!

Expect something exceptional....for this is what lifecollege is.

A conscious organisation delivering a better world for all through great training experiences.

Lifecollege delivers by integrating vision and achievement in real-time action-based learning.  No more wasting time on training - just learn to do things better whilst doing what you do.

Want to live and progress individually or as an organisation even faster? Try our Executive Coaching - individually or in will be surprised at how new skills, knowledge & higher level understandings can be learnt so quickly with real-time application.  Supporting your bottom line as the training happens.

This deeper leadership success delivers progress and ensures leaders develop leaders, thus supporting self-developing organizations, individual success and effective meaningful direction, ethical action, well-being, life-quality, happiness, work-life intergration (dramatically more valuable than mere work-life balance).  This we call Success for ALL, one of our Foundation Values.

We work with you where ever you are locally to globally, evolving your vision, reality and  delivering success.  Our clients comprise UK organisations such as RCGP, Parkinson'sUK, Reed Learning, Lloyds Bank PLC, and global organizations such as The UN, BMW, Reckitt Benckiser, Babcock International, Serco; we also have client working locally and acting globally. It is our breadth of experience and our passion that is our (and could be your) future.  Make a connection - click here now
Are you..... seeking to embolden yourself, your team, your organisation, to create new horizons, change direction or step quickly and confidently into a great new future? The Lifecollege 'Leading Leaders' programme will deliver ongoing value to you and/or your organisation year, after year - starting from the first moment we connect.

If you want an inspiring and powerful short course, an accredited certificate or diploma, a longer term relationship through mentoring and/or coaching or perhaps online learning and development, we offer a comprehensive solution both locally and globally.

Lifecollege: delivering individual/organisational vision by integrating new business ethics, life values, fun, trust, well-being, sustainability - so new we call it GLIP - a word meaning great lives for all.

 Client Comments:  

"not an ordinary training provider"...

Lifecollege creates extra-ordinary organisations by working with amazing people.

Lifecollege ensures its quality and its value by staying with organisations and individuals until they achieve their vision.

 "The people at Lifecollege delivered the future we wanted by training and coaching leadership in our already very able workforce. Lifecollege truly are inspirational and creative people, they delivered what was needed in these thrilling, challenging and opportunistic times. Since working with them our people and I have never needed anyone else. We are now looking forwards to a great 2014 " Dominic Goodale, Managing Director, The Dancor Group. 
 "We are stunned. Nothing prepared us for such excellence and value for money. All our delegates had a great day which both helped them and changed them. The follow-through has been magnificent and well tailored to each staff member.  Thank you Lifecollege" Caradon District Council, Cornwall. “Excellent, the best leadership course I have ever been on, anyone who does presentations should attend, it has boosted my confidence no end. This certificate really means something!” Colin Foreman, SercoFM 
“The course was excellent, without any doubt the best course leader I have ever worked with." Ellie Redrup, Computer Associates plc.

Lifecollege will help you drive organisational and brand esteem higher - supporting your sales, your productivity and your balance-sheet. It is time to talk with us now about innovative and cost-effective ways to drive your employee potential, individually, team by team, across your whole organisation. See more testimonials...

Bring your team into pure and brilliant success with...

'Presenting Excellence'

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 We are specialist, world class trainers, coaches and facilitators - passionate
about our expertise and passionate about you achieving.

The power of the lifecollege 'Leaders Leadership and Leading' event is spectacular. It has been amazing for me and for our executive team. It put us right back up there!  Thank you. Geoffrey Deith, Director, Toshiba UK

See further testamonials 

 Our programmes are designed to meet and exceed your needs - guaranteed!
When excellence needs to be inspirational, we are here for you.

 Leading Leadership

Consciousness in Business - "Conscious business is not new or complex. Organisations which have been successful year after year have all shown a deep regard for human and environmental issues. It is this that we call "consciousness" and it means we leave something great for ourselves later and for our future generations.  This feeds the ongoing success of organisations by attracting and keeping great customers whilst calling in, sustaining, motivating and evolving the finest people. " Ian Lewis FRSA FInstLM - Founder, Lifecollege

 Presenting Excellence

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Lifecollege offers easy to use tools to build your dreams and realize your potential.... Free on LifecollegeFree this month: Management Summary 1 of 10

Use a Life Check-List, the Me-Matrix and the Rainbow of Life, three tools which form your life into the rich, rewarding and fulfilled gift that it is meant to be.

No one wants the same as another. Even though sharing is often a desire, our differences force difference.  

Making the difference to individuals, teams and organisations, the people at Lifecollege never fail to amaze, inspire and deliver great learning experiences which produce inspiring people, teams and organisations.

We are currently working in Europe, India, USA & China.

Confidence that no time is wasted, that we are all living as close to our dreams as we are able, is crucial.  Our programmes offer you the opportunity to explore your possibilities, needs and wants, and lead yourself through them for the rest of your life.  Email us at now

The true potential of your work force brought to bear on your 2014 opportunities....

Learn  about this...from Lauri Feinsod and Geo Krieg, CEO and President respectively, of Graphik Dimensions - a proud to have client in the US, with some of their awesomely successful, empowered people.

Excellence in Teams
Next Event: "Evolving Organisations" - Ian Lewis -25th September 2014 10:00-12.00
Past Event: "Ethical Business Evolving" - Ian Lewis - 3rd June 2013, 10:00 – 12:00
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LifecollegeGiving creates and offers special successes through its clients, projects, people, communities and sensitive humanitarian  commitments. We invite all to contribute to humanity's health, education and evolution  through our continuing charitable work currently with Campaign for Adventure...Thank You

Free on LifecollegeFree: Management Summary 1-10 of 10

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Davos - Launches Environment Benchmarking

Albert Einstein on Consciousness....
“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us 'universe', a part limited in time and space. S/he experiences self, thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in all its beauty.”